Industry Grade AirPower Line

The Industry Grade series of AirPower Lines was designed with the cost-conscious customer in mind. It combines proven features with an overlay of key upgrades to strike the perfect balance of value and performance.

All New Expanded Tec-Clamp™ Series

The patented TEC-CLAMP™ (patent D794,439) is a versatile, heavy duty clamp that is available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Common applications may include suspending hydraulic hoses, wrapped tractor-trailer connections, and other bundles of hose, cable, and tubing. No tools are required to open and close the clamp so installation and adjustment are quick and simple.

Dummy Socket - Plug Storage

Part No. 670-DS
Stk Code 77665

Universal plug storage is now available from Tectran. The Dummy Socket is a low cost, durable solution for plug storage problems. It can accept any J560 or J3082 style plug including 7-way, 7-way auxiliary, dual pole horizontal, and dual pole vertical plugs.

3-In-One Airpower Line Tec-360° Clamp

Part No. 9890ST360
Stk Code 47331

An Industry First! The AirPower Line Tec-360° Clamp offers the same robust features as our original AirPower Line Tec-Clamp with the added feature of the red swivel top. The Tec-360°swivel top allows for the AirPower Line to rotate freely which prevents binding, interlocked springs, and stress on connection points.  

13.5 ft AirPower Line

Part No. 1691357
Stk Code 23400

Tired of feeling like Goldilocks? 15 ft too long? 12 ft too short? 
Tectran is pleased to announce that we now offer a 13.5 ft AirPower Line and it’s just right for applications where a 15 ft is too long to suspend properly but 12 ft is too short to allow for an appropriate range of motion. 
13.5 ft AirPower Line LIFELine™ Kits also available
Tectran Video Library

Introducing the new Tectran Video Libray. A comprehensive collection of informative product videos including product highlights, training, and installation videos. 

NOW SHOWING: LIFESwivel™ Features & Benefits with more videos to come soon!

Dual LIFESwivel™ Hose Assemblies
Live Swivel

LIFESwivel™ Fittings: Live swivel fitting design reimagined. TECTRAN's new LIFESwivel™ fittings are now offered on our Air Brake Hose Assemblies. Find out how this new Solution can work for you. (Patent Pending)


Create Your Own Tender Kit
Tender Kits without Clamps

TECTRAN’S Clampless Tender Kit program provides for the ultimate level of flexibility in order to mix and match tender kits and clamps to create a perfect combination ideally suited for each customer’s application needs.

Premium Gladhand Grips

Part No. 1014FG
Stk Code 16556

Our most robust FLEXGrip! The Premium FLEXGrip-HD™ thermo-elastomeric gladhand grips flex with air lines during tight turns providing the industries most advance kink protection. (Patent Pending)

3 Levels of Protection

Looking to extend the usable life of your tractor trailer connection lines? TECTRAN now offers a variety of PRO-TEC Kits that conveniently packages everything you need to help protect and prolong the life of your straight air lines and electrical cables. Available in 3 levels of protection, TECTRAN has you covered no matter what your needs are

Color Spiral Wrap

TECTRAN has expanded our line of spiral wrap to include three new, bold color options! Extending the usable life of your connections never looked so good!

90° Angle Mount Anodized Gladhands

The Industry's FIRST 90° gladhand! Tectran's premium corrosion resistant gladhands are now available in a 90° angle mount to support horizontal connections. The perfect Solution for applications where gladhands are mounted very low in the trailer.

Expanded Air Valve Product Line

Introducing Tectran's expanded line of Air Control Valves.

TEC-CLAMP™ Family Counter Spinner

Part No. CAB41-TC1
Stk Code 11310

TECTRAN's compact 4-sided counter spinner provides a space-saving & attractive way to display our TEC-CLAMP™Family product line. The perfect way to showcase these easy to use and innovative clamps.

AirPower Line TEC-CLAMP™

Connecting AirPower Lines just got easier! The new AirPower Line TEC-CLAMP™ allows you to lock in your lines and go! No tools or hardware needed for fast, easy installations!

TEC-CLAMP™ Line up

TECTRAN has expanded our line to now included the 2-hole and 4-hole versions of the TEC-CLAMP™. CLAMP. LOCK. GO!

Versatile design can be used with both rubber air hose or coiled tubing connections. (Patent Pending)

Tectran's new, durable Clamp Solution!

Connecting tractor/trailer connection lines just got easier! The new 3 holeTEC-CLAMP allows you to lock in your lines and go! No tools or hardware needed for fast, easy installations! Versatile design can be used with both rubber air hose or coiled tubing hook-ups. 

Dual Clamp Cable Ties

Tectran has added Dual Clamp Cable Ties to our Cable Tie prodcut selection.  Dual Clamp Cable Ties provide parallel separation between two bundles, preventing chaffing and abrasion.

WeatherSeal Field Install Kit

Part No. 670-71WS
Stk Code 38797

Plugs corroded? Tectran has a new solution - the exclusive field installable WeatherSeal kit. Will replace all competior plugs!


Standpipes - Push Lock

Tectran has added Push Lock Standpipe fittings to our Brass Fittings Line.  Standpipes are a great solution for routing tubing in small spaces.

DOUBLEDUAL™ Battery/Tailgate (Red/Black)

Tectran has developed a patent pending, dual pole plug that is universally configured to function with both vertical and horizontal socket designs. One plug handles all your dual pole application needs! The DOUBLEDUAL™ design innovation eliminates the need to stock multiple dual pole plug and cable assemblies. Check out Tectran's one plug Soltuion for your specialty application needs.

  • Tailgate 
  • Tarp Systems
  • Charging Systems

DOUBLEDUAL Plug Assembly also available!

Air Shift Transmission Hose Assemblies

Tectran has added Air Shift Transmission Hose Assemblies to our Air Components Line.  These hose assemblies feature an improved Live Swivel design.

Dash Fans
Speedy Air

Tectran Dash Fans - Standard dash fan and Speedy Air HD are now packaged in an attractive display packaing. 

Universal ABS Sensor Extension

Universal ABS Sensor Extensions - Removable 90° female plug adapter. Extensions are compatible with Meritor/Wabco style systems when used with plug. Detach adapter for use with Haldex and Bendix style systems. The Universal Extensions allow you to stock one part series and remove the plug as needed to create a straight end extension.